The loss of a beloved one is always a difficult time in our lives.

Besides our sorrow there are some bureaucratical and administrative procedures to give our beloved one a proper burial.

Our services are made to help you choose and they take complete charge of the administrative procedures. To receive our help, you simply have to CONTACT US.

Thanks to our special techniques we are able to give your beloved one a serene and peaceful face.

You can choose from a wide range of ornaments and precious finishes in our catalog.
To take care of your health, all the ornaments and spaces of the funeral home are sanitized with the GD90 detergent, sanitizer and bactericide produced by the GOLDMAR company.

At our office it will be possible to decide the details of your funeral ceremony in person. You will be able to change your wills anytime.

You will be able to choose the ceremony according to your religious creed. You will have the chance to personalize many aspects of the ceremony like for example the music and other services shown in our catalogue.

Our newest graphical service allows us to print a variety of funeral publications, small gifts, tombstones, signing books and thanksgiving tickets.

We not only take care of the obituary print, but we hang them in the areas you choose. We moreover take care of the publication of the obituaries in any desired newspaper.

We take care of all the necessary documents to get the permission of transportation and we offer an elegant service with state-of-the-art hearses.

If you would like to celebrate your beloved ones or would like to thank the participants to the funeral ceremony with a catering, we are able, thanks to our partners, to supply you with high quality services.

The grief is always a particular time, it takes time to process the loss of a beloved person. Should you find it difficult to go through it, our Funeral Home is able to give you the support you need thanks to our professional partners.

The hard pandemic times have limited our chances to be present at our beloved ones’ funeral. Should you be unable to attend the live ceremony we give you the chance to watch a recording in high definition of the ceremony.

The period following the loss of a beloved person is always difficult also for the need to fulfill all the different administrative procedures. We are able to assist you in these and further procedures like for example in communicating with the banks, in fulfilling the declaration of estate, in the transfer of services, in the transfer of ownership of the vehicles.

The burial is the moment when the separation from our beloved one becomes a celebration of the last goodbye. When it is time to choose the burial, the choice is often between the two most traditional ones: the inhumation, which is the classical interment in the ground, or the burial which consists in putting the coffin inside proper burial plots or cemetery’s chapels.
It is also possible to choose the Cremation with the following decision of the place where the ashes must be kept or spread. Whatever your decision should be our Staff will be able to advise you and organize and fulfill the necessary bureaucracy.

The service allows to send the condolences to the family of the deceased.
We will deliver them in an elegant, personalized brochure.

We take charge of all the necessary cemetery’s procedures according to your will. Our highly qualified staff, with its professionality and care, will realize for you funeral art monuments in marble or granite, engraved pieces, or architectural cemetery’s parts in various materials: a small monument, a family chapel, or any other ornamental accessory.

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